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How to make the colour blocking trend work for you

Embracing the colour blocking trend is a sure fire way of upping your style credentials. Colour blocking is essentially the mixing and matching of block colours across different pieces of apparel. So think of a bright red pencil skirt and a pink purse, or a turquoise jump suit paired with fluorescent green chunky wedges.

Of course, with such a daring trend, it's all too easy to get colour blocking totally wrong. Here are a few tips to make the colour blocking trend work for you and your apparel.

No more than three colours. When you mix and match different colours together, there is a danger that you could end up looking like a bag of sweets. Put together a purple skirt with a blue vest, a turquoise bag, yellow pumps, and orange jewellery, and you are going to look like one big colourful mess. The eyes will have no idea where to rest because you will be sending out so many conflicting colour messages. Refine your colour choices to a maximum of three colours.

Start small. If you find the colour blocking trend a little bit intimidating and want to embrace it without going the whole hog, there is no harm in starting small. You can still play at colour blocking by starting out with accessories. Imagine how cool a patent pink shoe would look with a chunky orange necklace. The rest of your outfit could be in the neutrals that you are used to. But beware – once you get a taste for colour blocking, you'll soon want to apply it head to toe!

Stick within a colour range. So you know that you need to pick no more than three colours, but even three wildly contrasting colours could be jarring. Imagine if you put bright yellow, turquoise, and red together in an outfit. Colour blocking works best when you pick a base colour and then pick other hues that are not so far away on the colour wheel. So if bright pink is your main colour, you might choose orange and red as the secondary colours for your outfit.

Team up similar shades. To make your outfit look cohesive, it's also important to consider the shade and hue of your outfit. Pastels work best with pastels, and neons work with neons. Mixing a dusky peach with a bright orange will, however, be a somewhat confusing fashion statement.

The colour blocking trend is versatile, and most of all, tonnes of fun, so start experimenting with colour today!