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Hairdresser | 3 Trendy Strategies to Invent The Ideal Hairstyle For Your Face

Getting a haircut at the hairdresser is much more than a chopping session to trim off a few inches. The shape of your face will play a prominent role in defining the perfect haircut for you because some hairstyles suit some faces better than others. This guide is designed to help you invent the ideal hairstyle for your face shape before you head to your hairdresser. 

Round Faces Need to Moderate the Roundness For an Elongated Facial Appearance 

The key to a good hairstyle for a round face is to moderate the roundness by making the face appear longer. The most flattering length for women with round faces is a long layer-cut for bouncy hair because it naturally makes the face look thinner and longer. If you opt for a mid to shorter length cut, you'll want to add height and volume on the top of your hair to make your face seem longer. A graduated bob with a longer front and shorter back is another great hairstyle because it makes a round face look slimmer and narrower. Depending on your hair length, you can choose any of these haircut ideas at the hairdresser. 

Long Faces Need Width and Body For a Balanced Appearance 

Ideal hairstyles for long faces are those that give them body and width to make the face look more balanced. If you have short to mid-length hair, you'll want to add lots of body and volume with large waves to widen the hair – this makes a face appear less long and gives it width for better proportion. A fringe is an excellent idea to shorten your facial length because it hides a long forehead. If you have long hair, you'll want to ask your hairdresser for plenty of different-length layers with shorter wisps in the front to reduce the length of your face by giving it width. 

Square Faces Need Length For a Softer Appearance 

If you have a square shaped face, your hairdresser will probably want to choose a hairstyle that gives it elongated softness to distract from its harsh contours. Straight-cut, sleek long hair with reduced volume makes the face appear longer and creates a softer appearance for the square shape of your face. A short bob with longer strands in the front will soften your jawbone if you prefer shorter haircuts. A side-swept fringe is an excellent hairstyle choice to reduce the harshness around the edges of a square-shaped face. 

Use these trendy strategies to invent the perfect hairstyle for your facial cut before visiting the hairdressing salon, such as Kenricks Hair & Makeup.