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Four Common First-Time Spray Tanning Mistakes Men Make

Every state in Australia has now banned (or plans to ban) sun beds due to the unacceptable skin cancer risk these devices pose. As such, men and women across the country are increasingly interested in spray tanning as a way to get the golden glow they crave. Many men have yet to experience a spray tan, and first-timers can make mistakes that spoil the finished look. If you're considering a spray tan for the first time, consider and avoid the following four errors that other guys are making.

Forgetting to exfoliate

Before your spray tan, it's important to make sure your skin is smooth and even, as this creates an ideal surface for the tanning product. As such, you need to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells on your face and your body. After you exfoliate, make sure you rinse the skin thoroughly too. Soap residue on your skin can create a patchy, uneven finish.

Facial hair disasters

If you've got a beard or a moustache, you need to think carefully about what you want to do with your facial hair after the spray tan. If you're sporting a full-grown hipster beard and you intend to keep it forever, you don't need to worry, but if you decide to remove facial hair after the spray tan, you'll end up with different shades of colour where the facial hair used to be.

It is better to shave your facial (and body) hair before your spray tan. If you like to groom any part of your body, make sure you clip and trim everything before you hit the spray tan salon.

Failure to moisturise

The top layer of your skin naturally sheds on an ongoing basis. It's this top skin layer that the spray tan sits on, so if you want the bronze to last, you need to make sure this skin doesn't shed too quickly.

A high-quality moisturiser can help slow down this process. A facial moisturiser is particularly important if you shave regularly, or your spray tan will disappear almost straight away. Worse, you may end up with different tones and colours on your face and body.

Take particular care to moisturise your dry spots. Areas like your elbows, knees and heels will absorb more spray tan if you don't intensively moisturise the skin before application.

Tanning unsuitable skin

Spray tanning isn't right for everyone. Some skin types don't take well to spray tan products. You should avoid spray tan if:

  • Your skin has a lot of freckles
  • Your skin has sun damage
  • You have large scars on your skin
  • You have dry, flaky skin

Talk to the spray tan consultant about your skin type before you strip off. He or she can explain any problems you may face.

Spray tanning is an increasingly popular (and safe) alternative to sun baking. Your local spray tan salon can help you make the most of your new bronzed look, but make sure you carefully prepare for your first session.