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Salon Equipment | 3 Clever Tips For Buying The Perfect Haircutting Scissors

If you have a keen eye for tresses, it should come as no surprise that the key to beautiful hair lies in a fabulous haircut with the right pair of scissors. As the owner of a hair dressing shop, you'll naturally want to choose salon equipment to do every job as best as possible. Choosing the right haircutting scissors is sure to make your task easier, so follow these tips to purchase the perfect haircutting scissors for your salon.

Ensure Smoothness While Opening and Closing

Hairdressing equipment like a pair of scissors should be comfortable and smooth to use for giving you a seamless feel while opening and closing the tool. Not only will this help you cut hair more easily, but it will also prevent fatigue as you tackle intricate haircutting details. Lack of smoothness will cause friction in the scissors and you may not be able to cut hair as smoothly as you desire.

Choose Sharp, Hard Blades With Manageable Screws

Any salon equipment you choose must always perform at optimum for the best results. In this case, your haircutting scissors must be as sharp and hard as possible. With hard blades, you will be able to attain better uniformity when cutting hair. Sharpness is the ultimate necessity for a good pair because it will be able to cut through damp hair with only a slight whisper. If you have to make an effort to cut hair with the scissor, chances are it needs immediate sharpening. Never cut hair with a blunt scissors because you will end up doing a bad job and risk losing loyal customers. The screws that hold the scissor blades together should allow for easy disassembling and reassembling when given for sharpening.

Make Sure You Find Comfortable Handles For Fingers

Apart from scissor smoothness and blade sharpness, the gripping-end finger holes must be big enough to allow your fingers to slide through easily without resistance. This prevents calluses and soreness over persistent use. You will get access to different shapes and sizes. Some will be lined with rubber and plastic, while some may have other materials. Soft rubber tends to be the most comfortable. They offer a firmer grip for your fingers, while preventing the occurrence of sore spots on your hands. Be sure to check the handles when buying a pair of scissors to find something that works for your individual comfort.  

When buying salon equipment like a pair of haircutting scissors, follow these clever tips for making the right choices.