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Could Peptides Reverse the Skin's Ageing Effect?

Every other day, the press seems to go wild for a new miracle beauty discovery that has hit the shelves. These news stories are so abundant that it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad, and to know what will genuinely have an effect on your skin. "Peptides" is one such buzz word, but are skin care manufacturers really on to something with this ingredient? Here's what you need to know.

What are peptides, anyway?

Peptides are strings of amino acid molecules that are bonded together. They can penetrate the skin and send signals to skin cells that tell them how to behave. This is important because these peptides have an effect on collagen. Collagen is an important protein found in the skin that gives it strength and suppleness. People have lots of collagen when they are young and less is produced naturally as people age, which leads to sagging and loose skin. So when the peptides found in beauty products send signals to the skin cells to produce more collagen, tauter, soother, and younger-looking skin should form.

Neuropeptides may also act like Botox

There are different kinds of peptides, and one of them is called neuropeptides. The beauty press have got themselves in a bit of a frenzy over this particular peptide because it's claimed that they can block signals from your nerves to facial muscles – and that means no more frown lines or forehead wrinkles. While neuropeptides can have this effect, the truth is that applying a peptide skin cream and expect it to work this kind of miracle is just wishful thinking, and the volume of neuropeptide needed for this is more than any you'd find in an over the counter skin cream.

Copper peptides are also popular

One of the buzz ingredients for skin care is also copper, and copper can actually be attached to peptides to deliver copper to the skin. Again, copper is something that helps to promote the development of collagen, the vital ingredient you need to keep your skin taut and supple. Copper also promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, which is another buzz beauty word of the moment. This is actually the substance that is used for many skin fillers and lip fillers, creating natural plumpness.

The next time you are at your local pharmacy, be sure to look out for peptide ingredients on products from skin care manufacturers, and try them out for yourself – they might just turn back the clock.