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Asking the Right Questions When Deciding on a Makeup or Beauty Therapy Course

Taking a makeup or beauty therapy course can be a great choice for both men and women, as it can lead to a career in applying makeup for television or private events as well as being able to own a salon or spa. Not every makeup or beauty therapy course is the same, so you need to ensure you ask the right questions and consider all aspects of any potential course you might choose before you sign up. Note a few of those questions and considerations to cover before you decide on a school or what type of course you want to pursue.

1. Always ask about the qualifications you have after course completion

What qualifications will you have after the course is completed and what institutions recognize those qualifications? Note that very often just about anyone can call themselves a makeup artist but this doesn't necessarily mean you'll be qualified to work in spas where certain products are applied and skin treatment therapies are followed. Look for qualifications recognized by the International Therapies Examination Council, based in the UK, which then qualifies a person to work in most salons and spas in Europe, Australia, and other such areas.

2. Note how much work experience is included in the course

Applying makeup to volunteers who sit in a classroom is not like applying makeup or other treatments to real customers who may have concerns about the treatment, who might arrive with various skin conditions, and so on. Students need to have hands-on experience in a real salon or spa and with a wide variety of settings in order to be properly trained for working in a real shop. Choose a course with a generous number of hours of actual work experience rather than spending all your time in a classroom setting alone.

3. Be sure it's specific to your career goals

If your career goals are to own a salon then you need to learn bookkeeping, inventory management, licensing requirements for staff, and the like. If your career goals are to apply makeup to movie stars, then you may need to learn more about how different makeup techniques can create different looks, such as making a person seem older or thinner. Be sure you've given some thought as to your ultimate career goals when it comes to makeup and beauty therapy and then choose a school and courses that will help you fulfill those goals.