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What You Need to Make a Nail Kit as a Gift for a Child

If you know a young person who loves painting their nails, you may want to consider giving them a nail kit as a gift. You can buy premade kits online or at many toy shops, but to personalise the gesture, you may want to put together your own essential package of nail supplies. Here are some of the items you may want to consider adding:

1. Fun Colours

Kids don't have to stay with traditional nail polish colours—in fact, adults don't either. Choose some colours that you think would complement the child's skin tone, but also just have some fun. Pick the colours of their favourite football team, favourite world flag or whatever represents their interests.

2. Stickers

Then, add some stickers to the mix. Stickers that are designed to go on nails work the best, but you may also want to look for fun designs at craft stores. So they can really decorate their nails, you may want to get some gemstones or 3-dimensional embellishments.

3. Non-Toxic Glues

To attach the embellishments, the child will need glue. Make sure to look for non-toxic nail glue. That way, you don't have to worry about the child accidentally chewing their nails or using their teeth to take off an embellishment.

You also don't have to worry about younger siblings getting into the glue. Note that you should only give nail supply kits to children who are old enough to use them safely. The small parts may constitute a choking hazard for toddlers or young children.

4. Glitter Pens

Glitter pens are ideal for adding swirls and other designs onto the nails. Again, you need glitter that can stick to natural nails or to acrylics. Make sure you purchase it from a nail supply specialist.

5. Spinner for Acrylic Nails

To really make the kit fun, you may want to add a spinner. Typically designed for kids but also used by crafting professionals, spinners are discs that you put paint onto. Then, when you spin the disc, the paint spreads into interesting patterns.

You can buy spinners for nails in particular. Basically, the child puts in a few different colours of nail polish. Then, they put in acrylic nails. Finally, they spin the spinner and watch what happens.

To get more ideas, head to a store that offers nail supplies. Their reps can give you advice on the best colours, styles and products for the children or teens on your gift list.